100% SSL

All your Stackk pages are 100% SSL by default. Whether it’s default URL or custom domain based URL, all your content automatically runs on SSL. It’s just that good.

Auto Configured

We create SSL certificates, install those and serve entire traffic on SSL. All you got to do is setup CNAME on your domain whenever you want to run your Stackk on custom domain.
Not just that. Your SSL certificates are automatically renewed.


SSL prevents tampering of content between your server and your customers. It’s the same level of security used by Banks.
In addition to SSL, we auto-configure your CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) between your WordPress and Marketing Automation domains. If you need more, CORS across more domains, you can always configure it.

Better SEO & Better Experience

In 2014, Google made changes to its algorithm in order to give better ranking to HTTPS-enabled websites. From 2018 onwards, Chrome and Firefox browsers started flagging sites which do not have an SSL Certificate installed. Browsers show a warning message of ‘Not Secure’ on the URL bar when SSL is not present.

100% SSL. Auto Setup. Amazing Benefits.

Free Forever. No credit card required.