Managed WordPress +Integrated Marketing Suite

Why settle for plain WordPress when you can get managed WordPress hosting with fully integrated Marketing Suite? Your content and your customers – all in one place - without lifting a finger.
We built Stackk on Amazon Web Services so that your WordPress can always deliver high performance at cloud scale.

Free Forever. No credit card required.


Instant Setup

We just set everything up with the click of that ‘SIGNUP’ button so that you don’t have to worry about database setup, data seeding, configuration, installation and whole bunch of other things you normally do. Just remember to configure your email server and custom domain if you choose to. That’s it – you are ready to use your WordPress that is super-charged with full marketing suite.

Fully Managed

Your Stackk subscription comes with fully managed WordPress and fully managed Marketing Automation suite. You just have to focus on running your business, blog or site; NOT on running WordPress.

Your instance is automatically tuned for higher performance, designed for scalability at any level, secured from threats and a lot more.

Search Engine Optimization

Your WordPress on Stackk, combined with Marketing Automation Suite is packed with SEO features – helping you automatically optimize your content for Search Engines. Let the world discover your awesome site or blog.

These are all just setup for you right out of the box.

Social Media Marketing

Take full advantage of Social Media to grow your audience and improve your digital presence. Build your social media presence, help users share your content, monitor Twitter activity, capture leads from Facebook Ads and remarket to your audience on social channels through easily integrated tracking pixels.

Email Drip Campaigns

Integrate your email communication with Automated Campaigns, Segments and Cross-Channel Engagement to deliver perfect messages at perfect times to your customers. Nurturing, Engagement and Winning your customers has never been easier.

Multi-Channel Engagement

Automate personalized messages to your audience through multiple channels - including email, social, SMS, mobile or directly on the web - all in the same simple, visual campaign workflow tool. Through data collection and marketing intelligence insights you’ll know how to engage your prospects and customers through the most effective channel.

Custom Domain

Configure your site to run on your custom domain. Just setup CNAME on domain manager and save that custom domain on you Stackk WordPress instance. We take care of the rest – including setting up SSL certificate. It’s really that simple.

You can configure your Marketing Automation suite on to run on a custom domain too.

Available only on paid plans.

100% SSL

All your Stackk pages are 100% SSL by default. Whether it’s default URL or custom domain based URL, all your content automatically runs on SSL. It’s just that good.

Why settle for plain WordPress when you can get it with integrated Marketing Suite?

Free Forever. No credit card required.