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Fully Managed Mautic

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Marketing Automation with Hosted Mautic

Easy to Use!
Easy-to-use, feature-rich, affordable marketing automation.

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Fully Managed Mautic!
Automate Your Customer Acquisition. Engagement. Retention.

Free 14-day trial

Affordable Marketing Automation.

Stackk delivers full featured Mautic as a service. Stackk is fully managed with failover, load balancing, SSL and whole lot more. Even better, it costs less than hosting Mautic on your own servers.

Free 14-day trial



Campaign Automation

Need to nurture prospects? Got to engage a set of customers? With Mautic's Journey Mapping feature, Campaign Automation is a piece of cake. With a powerful design canvas and fine-grained customer segmentation - you can now deliver personalized messages across channels with a rhythm.

Start with a well designed segment, try a sequence of messages and then you can measure the performance, fine tune with A/B testing and get growing.


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Email Marketing

On average, people spend more than six hours a day on email. You need a new approach to ignite your email campaigns and make them more powerful and personal.

You want to give more context while keeping email integrated into your overall cross-channel communication. Mautic provides an integrated system that will help you to manage and deliver on all aspects of email.


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Customer Intelligence

Regarding technology products such as mobile phones, televisions, computers, software products or other electronic or mechanical goods, it is termed technical support.

In addition to university education, many companies sponsor internships for students wishing to pursue careers in information technology. These internships can introduce the student to interesting real-world tasks that typical software engineers encounter every day. Similar experience can be gained through military service in software engineering.


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Segmentation & Personalization

Want to deliver a personalized message to those that are looking to buy now? Need to nurture those that are evaluating? With Mautic's segmentation, you can create multiple micro-segments to deliver personalized messages various prospects at various stages of consideration / engagement.

Segmentation is the foundation of personalization. Want to feed data from other sources such as your CRM to fine tune your segments? We got API for that.


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Multi-Channel Communications

It's hard to reach customers through just one channel. Where are your customers consuming content? Email? SMS? Desktop? Social? We got you covered. Build stronger relationships and audience engagement by using their preferred channel of communication.


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Forms & Landing Pages

Need to have your prospects fill forms? Need landing pages for your marketing campaigns? Need all of these integrated into your marketing automation? We got you covered with Mautic.

Impressive Landing Page templates are built in. You can also build your landing pages from scratch. All of your landing page and form based data goes right into your customer intelligence.


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Lead Scoring

Need to focus on your most valuable prospects? At each stage? Implement Mautic's Lead Scoring and guide your audience to the most useful information within each of the different buying cycle stages.


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Self-hosted vs. Stackk

Stackk offers all the benefits of Mautic with ease of use and is cost effective than hosting it yourself.

Fully Managed

Our Mautic as a Service infrastructure is fully managed for backup, upgrades, maintenance etc. by us so that you can focus on your customers.

Cost Effective

Subscription to Stackk is way cheaper than hosting it yourself. You need at least 3 servers running 24x7. With Stackk, we just take care of all that for you at a low subscription price.

Get Started in Minutes

Forget the tedious installation like PHP setup, Cron jobs, SSL and all that. Stackk gives you your working instance in just few minutes.

Highly Available

Our infrastructure is built for High Availability on top of AWS.


Stackk is designed for Cloud Scale. You can just keep using your Mautic as your business demands. Stackk will just scale either for long-term or short bursts whichever way you want.


Our entire infrastructure is setup as per AWS best practices. And all traffic on Stackk is SSL.

Zero Maintenance

Don't worry about maintaining your own infrastructure. Stackk got it covered.

Comes with Support

All of Stackk's subscription plans come with tech support. Never get lost again!

Custom Domain with SSL

Your own URL

Your customers need to engage with your brand at your own URL. Stackk allows you to set your own custom domain from which you and your customers will access your own Mautic. Of course, it's always available at your-account-name.stackk.com in addition to being available on your custom domain.

Setting up custom domain is a simple two step process. Just setup a CNAME with your DNS Manager and set that domain on Stackk. It's that simple.

SSL Included - Always

Your Mautic on Stackk always runs on SSL - that's just the right way to do it. We provision SSL for default Stackk URL and also for your custom domain.

Custom Domain with SSL

Truly Open Platform

Custom Domain with SSL

Always Mautic Compatible

Your Mautic that runs on Stackk is always compatible with open source Mautic. While we make things easier for you, we do it in such a way that you don't lose compatibility. That way you don't have additional learning curve.

Portable: Take Your Data With You

Do you want to take your Mautic in-house or elsewhere? No Problem. Ask us and we can export your data for you - you can then import it to your account without any hassle.











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